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With more than four decades of experience, Tom Hughes is considered a true veteran of the building and property development industry. He’s spearheaded the construction of more than 16,000 residential homes in New South Wales alone, and always looks forward to his next challenge.

Tom earned his builder’s license with dreams of establishing his own construction firm. He also operated three real estate agencies. This experience gave him a unique insight into the challenges buyers face and what they need from their homes. Tom channelled his knowledge of the construction and real estate sectors into his own business, Thomas Paul Constructions. By the mid-1990s, TPC was one of regional New South Wales’ leading project building firms.

Tom’s strong work ethic and sharp business mind have helped Thomas Paul Constructions become one of Australia’s largest residential building companies. He’s one of the construction industry’s true veterans, driving the construction of more than 16,000 New South Wales residences over nearly 50 years in the business. His passion and unparalleled experience in the building and property development sector remain the driving force behind Thomas Paul Constructions.

A Message from Thomas Hughes:

“At Thomas Paul Constructions we continually strive to exceed our client’s expectations by delivering a high-quality product in strong growth areas that are specifically tailored to the investment market. I am immensely proud of our strong local presence and long-standing reputation in the community which has been fostered over more than 30 years.
I work with a fantastic team of people, who are passionate about the property market and the building industry, many of whom are investors themselves. Together with my team, I am committed to supporting our client’s number one goal: to build wealth by investing in property.
In spite of the global economy, I remain very optimistic about the long-term growth prospects of residential property in Australia. We will continue to provide our clients with exclusive investment opportunities with a view to maximising returns and accelerating the growth of their property portfolio.”

- Thomas Hughes – Director

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